Android vs iOS comparsion

A quick comparsion between two most prominent mobile operation system…

DevelopmentApplication sandboxing in Android is controlled by each application and required permission and approval to continue accessing what the application needed.In IOS application sandboxing is a set of fine-grained control that limits the application access to the file system, network and hardware. iOS has a robust sandbox model
Each app has its own sandbox. This improves security tighterShares a same sandbox model which is more secure and less open to the crowd.
Uses file system encryption onlyUses file system encryption and hardware encryption
PublishNo code signing.Has code signing technology which is a process required to allow unauthorized applications running in a device?
Account on developer console and App should have a valid certificate.Account on App store and App must be code signed.
InstallationAll types of permission are assigned to the App at installation time.Minimal set of permission are automatically assigned during installation of App.
User denies the permission then App installation will be aborted.User will not be asked for any permission. No deny option is there.
ExecutionSeamless execution of App as no permission interruption are thereThe user will be asked for permission during execution time when the App actually uses the resource
Less secure as user will not be aware that the App may be using that resource which it is not intended forMore secure as user will be notified if any resource App want to use

Written by avicoder on 21 January 2016