Root AVD and Install Magisk
Let's set up Android App pentesting env

Mostly I have done the android app penetration testing on GenyMotion. The problem is that a few apps aren’t working properly lately because of architectural requirements and incompatibility.

Android Virtual Devices (AVD) can be a good alternative, but the images do not support rooting.

So let’s root the AVD to overcome this limitation. The following guide is what I used to setup env on Mac machines.

Start by downloading the SDK or installing Android Studio. Android System Images

Next, we will create a virtual device. You can choose which System Image you want to download. After booting the device, open the terminal and clone the rootAVD script.

Not Rooted

Change the system image (android-xx) accordingly and run:

 ./ ~/Library/Android/sdk/system-images/android-30/google_apis/x86/ramdisk.img
./ InstallApps

Wait for it to finish.

Your phone is now rooted.

adb shell                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
generic_x86_arm:/ $ su root
generic_x86_arm:/ # whoami


In order to intercept traffic and get Frida installed, you need to install a few Magisk modules. Here are some options:

With this setup, you can begin conducting your security assessment.

Thank you and see you next time

Written by avicoder on 02 September 2021